Vlad Kubinka

My wife was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm that was posing a serious threat to her health. We were advised that she needed vascular surgery – and fast. We were terrified to think of the expenses and the risks involved. We heard that vascular surgery in Israel had a very high success rate and that Israeli vascular surgeons were among the best in the entire world.  We decided to look into the possibility of having Tanya treated in Israel.  The Russian speaking staff at Global Medical and their fantastic team of health professionals made sure that Tanya was matched with Israel’s top vascular surgeon in one of the leading hospitals.  They even made sure that Tanya’s doctor was a native Russian!  We were amazed by their connections and their service.They helped us take care of all the details including flights and accommodations.  We were impressed by the very hi-tech facilities and equipment that the hospital offered. The staff was friendly and warm and our doctor was one of the most renown vascular surgeons in the world..  The staff at Global Medical knows the Israeli medical system through and through and helped us with every small detail.  Our lack of Hebrew wasn’t an issue at all (and I’m sure if would have been a major obstacle if we had tried to arrange this on our own)!

My wife and I express our thanks to Global Medical for making her surgery a success and making our trip to Israel a positive experience.

Anastasiya Lobnya

My husband and I have been trying for years to have a baby. It took us some time until we decided to try I.V.F. We’ve heard of many stories about in vitro fertilization and one thing that we kept hearing was about the new technology coming out of Israel.  We also learned that in Israel, doctors will work with a couple until they get pregnant – the government takes care of the costs.  Therefore, the whole approach is completely different (from a psychological standpoint).   We decided to look into I.V.F. care in Israel – we knew it would be cheaper than doing it at home and based on all the technology coming out of Israel – we had a feeling it would probably be better health care!

In the end, we decided to go through with it. We were connected with Global Medical and they took care of everything for us. Everyone spoke Russian and we felt right at home.  They made sure that we could communicate freely with the doctors and nurses.  They made sure that we were put up in the best medical center in the country and they helped to make sure that throughout the process my husband and I were able to enjoy the country and all the wonderful sights!
Thanks to the amazing medical staff, we were able to conceive a child (who is now a healthy, active 3 year old boy).  Our memories of Israel are positive and our experience there was life altering.  We were treated with warmth, respect and the best medical services in the world.