Oncology Center

At Global Medical, we match you with the best medical center with the best doctors in Israel. Our staff works in your native language to help you decide which medical center offers you the best care for your specific needs.   Israel is known for having the best technology and success rates for oncology procedures and our experienced team will make sure you feel at home here in Israel.

Israel is known for its breakthrough medical advances, having the world renown medical scientists, specialist oncologists and laboratories with cutting edge equipment run by highly trained technicians. Oncology centers throughout Israel specialize in using advanced medicine for successfully treating a wide range of malignancies.  You can find the following units in oncology centers in Israel:

• Lung Cancer Unit
• Neuro- Oncology Unit
• Radiation Oncology
• Brachio Therapy
• Institute of Hematology
• Bone Marrow Transplant Department
• Urologic oncology Unit
• A variety of other oncology units

Global Medical works only with Israeli oncologists that have earned international reputation for breakthroughs in cancer treatments, like brachio-therapy and bone marrow transplants for patients recovering from radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Every year there are thousands of patients successfully treated in Israel for different types of cancer. Patients receive first class diagnostic analysis, proactive treatments and full rehabilitation programs.


Global Medical will help you select Oncology Center in Israel with highly skilled specialist teams of oncologists that use the very latest, state-of-the-art equipment for diagnostic imaging, testing procedures and treatments, providing first class services for patients from all around the world. From making the diagnosis, to surgery and treatment right through to recovery, expert team of professionals will be at your side.

The most popular treatments in Israel’s oncology centers are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, however other treatments such as hormone therapy and immunotherapy are also readily available. Bone marrow transplants are also making great strides in cancer recovery statistics vastly increasing the success rate of recovery.