Head & Spinal cord Trauma

Israel is one of the few countries with very advanced medical services, which is why many people opt to come to Israel for their head and spinal cord surgery and rehabilitation.  Global Medical connects patients directly with the best head and spinal cord trauma specialists throughout the country.  When working with us, you have instant access to the best.

Head traumas and spinal cord traumas require some of the most precise medical procedures. It is of utmost importance for a patient in need of head and spinal cord surgery to seek medical help from medical institutions with proper facilities and specialists who can provide for a successful procedure.
Israeli medical centers and doctors specializing in head and spinal cord trauma have a very high success rate with regard to successful procedures and full recoveries. Aside from the use of cutting-edge advanced medical technology, the teams are composed of the doctors who have the reputation of being the best in their field (worldwide).

At Global Medical, our primary goal is to find the most appropriate and effective course of treatment for patients seeking out the best head and spinal cord trauma care in Israel.  Our years of experience afford us with the knowledge and the network/connections necessary to pair you with the very best doctors and medical staff in the country.


The team at Global Medical offers full Russian and English speaking support in order to ensure that all of our esteemed patients are in the best of hands from the very first consultation through to the last day of recovery.

Our highly networked and trained staff offers a truly holistic approach to healthcare.  We offer emotional and psychological support in addition to pairing you with the best medical care at the best-staffed and best-equipped medical centers throughout Israel.

Also, because head and spinal cord traumas are injuries that pose a very large risk to the neurovascular system, the treatments and procedures require the newest and most advanced medical equipment. Therefore, we only match our patients with the most hi-tech medical centers in Israel that are equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure a successful head and spinal cord trauma procedure.

Contact us today to see how our team (Russian and English speaking) can help match you with the best doctors and medical facilities for head and spinal cord trauma care in Israel.