At Global Medical, we match patients from across the globe who are in need of advanced care by specialists in the field of neuro-oncology. Israel has been able to keep up with the fast advancing field of neuro-oncology – its trends and new approaches including all the latest technologies and medical procedures. Hence, many hospitals in Israel are well equipped with facilities that allow for successful treatment of CNS tumors.

Treating brain tumors requires technologically advanced treatment facilities and an expert multidisciplinary healthcare team. Because of these prerequisites, treatments for brain tumors are often not available in many countries.  Israel is one of the countries at the forefront of neuro-oncology research and treatment.  Israel is home to some of the world’s best medical and research centers with doctors who have extensive experience in the complex field of neuro-oncology.  Let our team at Global Medical match you with the best Israeli neuro-oncologists at the top, most advanced hospitals and medical centers in Israel.

At Global Medical, we have years of experience matching patients from across the world with the best doctors and medical centers in Israel.  Our vast network and far-reaching connections ensure that our patients are given the best of care for their unique situation. Moreover, we can ensure that our patients will be guided fully even before they set foot in the country.  We employ a full staff of native Russian and English speakers in order to cater to you in your native language.  The staff at Global Medical will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you are receiving the best in care and comfort.

Israels leading hospitals have progressive departments of neuro-oncology with first class facilities, highly skilled experts in the field and we offer specialized surgeries and treatments for patients from all around the world. Global Medical will ensure that you are placed in the best hospital with the best medical care staff. In Israel, you’ll find the latest improved procedures and treatments, many of which are not available in other countries. Neuro-oncologists save and prolong the lives of many patients suffering from brain malignancies, that they were unable have treated successfully at home. Success rates for treating brain malignancies are amongst the highest in the world.

Our connections allow you to have instant access to the most skilled teams of neuro-oncologists in Israel who can diagnose tumors using the latest medical imaging technologies and offer a wide choice of treatments including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery and some new hormone and immune therapies. The extensive experience of our surgical teams has led to the frequent complete recovery of many patients with brain cancer; this is due to our accurate diagnostic techniques and prompt highly advanced treatments.

Neuro-oncology uses the latest noninvasive methods of detecting tumor proliferation, invasion, and angiogenesis within the brain. Advanced dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI machines now enable surgeons to explore tumor vasculature very thoroughly, with minimum invasion. PET is also used to evaluate tumor proliferation and hypoxia advancement in neuro-oncology where the latest technologies provide specialists with new improved procedures.

At Global Medical, we make sure that the unique needs of our patients are heeded through treatment and recover at the best medical facilities in Israel.  We work to match patients with a team of neurosurgeons that are sought after throughout the world.  We help you get appointments quickly and easily without having to go through normal channels of communication, which can otherwise mean waiting 6-8 months for an appointment with these renowned doctors.
Contact us today to see how our team (Russian and English speaking) can help match you with the best doctors and medical facilities for neuro-oncology care in Israel.