Getting Started – A Step By Step Guide

These three easy steps for getting medical treatment abroad are all taken care of by a facilitator from Global Medical who will represent you and help you help you every step of the way.

The following things should be considered before you apply.

• Your condition, its urgency and whether you need a specific procedure

• The expertise and experience of the medical specialist you choose

•  Any special treatment you have in mind

• The accreditation and safety of the facility selected

• Travel and hospitalization package deals to help save time and money



Your first step is contacting us with an expression of interest for medical treatment in Israel through the experienced providers at Global Medical. After we receive your contact details we will send you the application forms which provides us with the necessary information to assign you with a personal medical assistant (PMA) who will assist you from the moment of your arrival and take you through the initial induction process.  You will need your complete medical history, any recent diagnoses from your doctor and preferred travel dates, all other details will be help us set up the best treatment plan for you.



Your assigned PMA will coordinate your personalized treatment program from the information you have provided in your application. You will receive an outline of the various solutions available and your PMA will help you decide on your hospital options, specialist physician selection and your travel dates.  Preparation of your personalized medical plan is designed to streamline the process so that everything is set up for you upon arrival for you to receive your initial diagnosis analysis/medical consultation soon after arrival. Your options might include various price categories, innovative procedures, choice of doctors and treatments and hospitalization.

Once you have agreed on a program, your PMA will make the necessary appointments with specialists, and put together your travel itinerary, arrange for airport pick up and accommodations if you do not need immediate hospitalization. Air tickets, visa and all bookings for diagnostic tests, specialist consultations and surgeries are put into place for you. Pharmacology is also catered for with necessary prescriptions ready for dispatch.



When you arrive in Israel you PMA will greet you at the airport and assist you in getting to the hospital (or other accommodations as the case may be). Your personal escort will help sign you in and start the first stage of your program – the diagnostic analysis of your condition. Your PMA will speak your native language and accompany you on all your specialist visits and consultation and will even be there for your surgery. He/she will liaise on your behalf with all the medical staff and facilitate your every need, including translations.

When you have been discharged from the hospital and cleared by your primary physician, you can begin your rehabilitation post treatment phase. Doctors often-times recommend some leisure time for recuperation. Your PMA will facilitate all you preferred choices and accompany you when needed. Physical therapy sessions are incorporated when needed and are all arranged for you.

A final checkup with your primary physician is arranged before you leave and you PMA will maintain contact after you return home for as long as is needed. The PMA will also communicate with your family doctor at home as needed.