1. Why choose Israel for medical care?

    Israel has some of the world’s top specialists in many different medical fields. With international acclaim and many medical research institutes in Israel, the doctors here have access to the very latest treatments, surgical techniques and medications.   Patients coming from most countries (including the US, Russian and European countries) don’t need a VISA to come to Israel.  Israel also an advanced safe and secure legal system and the entire medical sector are regulated and supervised by the Israeli government.

  2. What is Israeli culture like and what languages spoken?

    Israel is made up of people from over 86 different countries, which have brought many international influences to Israel. Hebrew and Russian are two major languages but English is also widely spoken as is French, Spanish, and German.  Medical staff in Israel support many languages, Russian being the most widely spoken language in hospitals after Hebrew.

  3. What are the price differences compared with North America and Europe?

    In Israel you can expect to pay around 30-60% less than in North America and Europe. The savings cover consultation, surgery, hospitalization and medication costs.

  4. When are payments due?

    On arrival in Israel or before you arrive a pre-payment is required to cover some of the costs of your treatment. The balance is payable before you leave.

  5. Why Choose Medical Tourism

    Patients from all over the world choose medical tourism for their medical treatment because Israel has some of the world’s top medical specialist in all the major fields of medicine and they can be assured of getting the very best treatment in Israel.

  6. Why is medical treatment cheaper and better in Israel?

    Israel has an economy, which is most favorable compared to the economies of America and European countries.  Israel medical treatments are cheaper compared to many other countries although the quality of treatment and care is not compromised.  Doctors in Israel have a world-wide reputation as being among the best in the world.  Newsweek Magazine recently rated Israel among the top tem medical tourism destinations.

  7. How long prior to my medical procedure should I plan to arrive in Israel?

    You can plan to arrive in Israel a day or two before your consultation begins, although ill patients often arrive in Israel and see the doctor the first day they arrive. With prearranged treatment this is possible.

  8. How do I know that I will get excellent quality care?

    Patient feedback and international renown has helped to place Israel amongst the top medical countries in the world today. Our company has access to all the top specialists and hospitals in Israel.

  9. What is the standard of sanitation in Israeli hospitals?

    Sanitation is world standard in all Israel’s hospitals and comparable to hospitals in North America and across Europe. The finest sanitary equipment is used and hospitals in Israel are sterile professional environments.

  10. Can you inform me about the company’s medical staff?

    We give you access to the most senior medical staff in your field, medical specialist and technicians that use state of the art equipment to access your condition. We also have facilitator that speak your language and will accompany you throughout your treatments.

  11. How long after my medical treatment may I leave to go home?

    As soon as your doctor clears you for travel you can leave Israel, but many people choose to stay are enjoy the tourist destination of our beautiful country.  Israel’s warm Mediterranean climate makes it an ideal location for a speedy and restful recover.