Cardiac Center

Israel is a leader in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery, with a world renowned reputation for leading cardiology diagnostics, treatments and surgeons. Cardiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the heart, heart related diseases and blood vessels.

With the most advanced technology, state of the art facilities and the highest quality treatments, Israel offers the highest standard of cardiac care, pioneering procedures and complicated treatments unavailable elsewhere.  Israel’s cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are leaders in the field and have gained the highest international reputation, conducting thousands of cardiovascular surgeries every year using the latest technology. Patients are able to receive a full range of sophisticated diagnostic research, highest quality treatment and after-care in Israel.

At Global Medical, our priority is matching the most suitable treatment for our patients. We provide personalised healthcare to ensure you receive the best medical solution for your medical needs. We have leading success rates in the industry and work with the leading cardiac specialists and surgeons, providing the highest quality treatments and procedures in world class facilities.

Our clinics are world renowned cardiac centres and we ensure to match your needs with leading best experts in the field. Our expert staff recommend the best cardiac clinics and specialists to match your specific requirements and then arrange all the steps necessary to facilitate your treatment and recovery in Israel.

We are able to facilitate a full range of cardiac services including
• interventional cardiology,
• electro-cardiology,
• cardiac rehabilitation,
• cardiac surgery.
• and more.

Given the intricate nature of the heart, we make sure you get the highest quality treatment for the entire process including advanced diagnosis, leading physicians and surgeons, top quality rehabilitation and thorough follow up care. When it comes to heart diseases, immediate and precise diagnosis is paramount and we ensure to get you timely, top quality diagnosis and treatment.

At Global Medical, we also coordinate all your other travel-related needs including the necessary paperwork, escorts from Russia and transportation arrangements from the hospitals to ensure you only have to focus on your wellbeing.