Global Medical specializes in matching you with Israel’s top orthopedists at the best and most exclusive medical centers throughout Israel.  We’ll help you through each step of the process in your native language (we employ a team of native Russian and native English speakers) to make sure you’ll know exactly what to expect and stay in control of the entire process.

Thousands of people travel to Israel every year to take advantage of the advanced medical surgeries and treatments that are available here. Israel has some of the world’s top medical research institutes, where new treatments are pioneered. Doctors in Israel have access to world standard medical technologies and laboratories, state of the art equipment in this ever-evolving medical research environment. At Global Medical, our vast network allows you to have instant access to only the best Israeli orthopedics and highly equipped medical centers for your specfic needs.

Orthopedics deals with joint replacements, spinal injuries, sports injuries and other skeletal problems. The field of orthopedics has seen recent advancement in surgical techniques and prosthetic replacement joints, leading to streamlined orthopedic replacements and faster recoveries. Israel’s specialized orthopedic teams complete thousands of successful knee and hip replacements, partial replacements and reconstructions every year. Their skill and experience is surpassed by none. The latest surgical techniques require less time under anesthetic and laser surgery also minimizes scarring; recovery from orthopedic surgery is now faster and easier.

At Global Medical, we match patients with orthopedic surgeons, medical imaging technicians and prosthetic specialists at the internationally accredited hospitals in Israel.  These medical professionals team up to provide the best joint replacement service available in the world. Specialist diagnostic imaging enables partial prosthetics to be individually designed for each patient and the orthopedic surgical teams work together to successfully repair even the most difficult injuries.

Let Global Medical connect you with a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon who can offer you the following joint replacement operations:

Knee Joint
• Unicompartmental Knee Replacement
• Primary Total Knee Replacement
• Revision Total Knee Replacement
• Primary total hip replacement
• Revision Total Hip Replacement
• Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
• Discectomy
• Spinal surgery
• Spinal fusion
• Anterior endoscopic foraminotomy
• Thoracic spine endoscopic
• Lumbar spine endoscopy
• Endoscopic spine surgery
• and more…

Orthopedic surgical teams discover better ways to perform these surgeries as new technologies and prosthetics become available. Orthopedic departments throughout Israel usually include specific orthopedic units including The Spine Deformity Unit, The Orthopedic Traumatology Unit and The Foot and Ankle Unit.  All surgeries are followed with full service physical therapy sessions and rehabilitation programs, ensuring that all is working smoothly by the time you are ready to leave.
Patients travelling from other countries can rely on Global Medical to arrange all their medical needs for travelling to Israel including air travel and airport pickup, so that you only have to concentrate on your recovery. We will make sure that you are matched with the best medical facility and doctors according to your unique needs. Our English and Russian speaking staff will help you choose the best medical center in Israel for your surgical needs.  Our relationship with the best medical centers in Israel spans across many years and our unique relationship with these doctors and medical facilities means that you get the best treatment when you work together with our experienced team! We’ll help you with the entire process to make sure you are in the best hands and to ensure that everything is taken care of to ensure that all the details surrounding your stay in Israel are sorted so you can enjoy peace of mind and benefit from a stress-free recovery period.

Contact us today to see how our team (Russian and English speaking) can help match you with the best doctors and medical facilities for orthopedic care in Israel.