Global Medical Organization

With over five years experience, Global Medical is a service you can trust to arranging all your medical tourism needs in Israel, making sure you receive the highest standards of medical treatment.  Our management team has worked in the medical field in Israel for years and has secured a network of contacts including the most sought after doctors and medical professionals.  When you work with Global Medical, you gain instant access to our network.  By having access to the best in the field, you’re able to capitalize on Israel’s high success rates in both surgical procedures and recovery.


Vlad Kubinka

My wife was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm that was posing a serious threat to her health. We were advised that she needed vascular surgery – and fast…

Increasing numbers of international patients are coming to Israel for top quality healthcare. Global Medical is a specialist medical tourism facilitator in Israel, providing patients with personalized and first class healthcare.  Our expertise lies in matching our patients with the best doctors and medical facilities in Israel.  We create full care and recovery programs and take care of all your needs while in Israel (including the opportunity to enjoy the historic, breathtaking sites throughout Israel)!

At Global Medical, we place priority on selecting the best treatment for every patient, providing personalized service to ensure you receive first class healthcare tailored to your medical needs. We only work with the leading hospitals and surgeons in Israel, ensuring you receive modern, world-class facilities and the most advanced medical procedures and treatments. We can also assist you with all aspects of your trip to Israel starting from full escort service upon your touchdown in Israel to a personal send-off on your flight back.  We are with you every step of the way.  We worry about the small details so you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on your health and recovery.

As our numerous testimonials demonstrate, we have a high success rate of pleased patients. Don’t do it alone, contact our multilingual (Russian) staff at Global Medical to receive tailored healthcare at world-class facilities in Israel, one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.
At Global Medical, our expertise enables you to get the best medical treatment.